Our environmental pledge

Holidaying in the UK instead of overseas is already a great thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprints (assuming you don’t fly!) but it’s equally important that everyone does their bit, and that includes us at Arran Wildlife Cottages

Financial contributions

1% of all sales go to global environmental charities to tackle climate change

1% of profits (hopefully there are some!) go to local wildlife charities on Arran – this will increase each year of operation until it hits 5%.

Getting the house towards net zero

Any money left over after the mortgage is paid (and the above donations are made) will be put back into the property to get the house as close to net zero as practical.

We’ll be working on

  • Replacing the oil boilers with air source heat pumps
  • Adding solar panels
  • Adding solar thermal
  • Replacing gas cookers with electric induction hobs
  • Adding electric car charging points

We are also buying the field in front of the house to protect it from development – over time we’ll start growing organic vegetables, and allow some some of it to re-wild, while keeping the fantastic sea view for guests!

What you can expect as guests

  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products (such as Ecover)
  • Laundry is done on site, and will benefit from the house moving towards net zero. It’s for this reason we also don’t iron our sheets!
  • Sponges, bin liners and other products will be plastic free and fully biodegradable.